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Convince yourself of the advantages of setting up a company in Cyprus with our growing set of helpful apps and calculators for founders.

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Cyprus Limited Simulator

Cyprus Limited Simulator

Calculate how much you benefit from a Cyprus limited in just a few clicks. Get results for:

  • Company Formation Price
  • Accounting & Audit Price
  • Costs for Salaries and Social Contributions
  • Company Income Tax & Security Defence Contributions
  • Overall Profitability
Salary Calculator for Cyprus

Salary Calculator

Quickly and easily calculate your net salary, tax, and contribution burden.

  • Get Your Net Salary
  • Estimate Personal Income Tax
  • Social Insurance Contributions
Profit and Tax Calculator for Cyprus

Profit & Tax Calculator

Quickly and easily calculate a Cyprus company's tax burden and profitability.

  • Get Your Net Profit Margin
  • Estimate Average Tax Burden
  • Understand Cyprus Company Taxation
Accounting and Audit Price Calculator for Cyprus

Accounting & Audit Calculator

Many founders overlook the yearly accounting and mandatory audit costs of a company.

  • Estimate Total Accounting Price
  • Estimate Total Audit Price
  • Based on Price List