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With the Cyprus salary calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate your net salary, tax, and contribution burden. Try it out!

Cyprus Net Salary Calculator

This calculator is free of charge and refers to residents of the Republic of Cyprus (EU). The result serves as an example only, and we do not guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of the result. Last update: January 2024

Cyprus Net Salary Calculator Advantages

Get Detailed Insight.

The calculator was primarily developed to help company founders choose their salaries and estimate total costs. However, it is also helpful for young or foreign professionals to determine what net wage they can expect in Cyprus.

Get Your Net Salary

Before you go into salary negotiations, check what gross wage you can get by with.

Social Insurance

Find out how much you or your company have to pay monthly for social insurance and health care in Cyprus.

Personal Income Tax

Estimate your personal income tax in Cyprus based on gross salary.

Self-Employed vs. Company

Learn about the differences in social insurance contributions between an employee and a self-employed person.


Compare and calculate how you can benefit as a Non-Dom in Cyprus.

Foreign Professionals

Decide whether moving to Cyprus is worth it from a net income point of view.