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Cyprus Company Profit Calculator

This calculator refers to companies operating in the Republic of Cyprus (EU). The result serves as an example only, and we do not guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of the result. Last update: June 2024

Cyprus Company Profit & Tax Calculator

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The net profit & tax calculator is designed to quickly and easily calculate the tax burden and profitability of a Cyprus company.

Net Profit & Dividends

Calculate the net profit of your company after tax and see what shareholders can expect in dividends.

Net Profit Margin

Calculate the estimated net profit margin of your Cyprus company to show how profitable your company is.

Corporate Income Tax

Get a quick overview of the expected corporate income tax on your different types of income.

Special Defence Contributions

Are Special Defence Contributions due on your revenues? Find out by specifying your types of income!

Average Tax Burden

Different types of income are taxed differently in Cyprus. Our tax calculator will show your average tax burden.

Understand Cyprus Taxation

Play with different types of income and learn more about company taxation in Cyprus.