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This calculator refers to companies operating in the Republic of Cyprus (EU). The result serves as an example only, and we do not guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of the result. Last update: October 2023

Cyprus Limited Accounting Packages

Why it is worth starting a company with Cyprus Limited

Many founders overlook the yearly accounting and mandatory audit costs of a company. In the worst case, they end up in expensive gagging contracts.

We pre-negotiated transparent accounting and audit packages with trusted local partners with only one-year terms. One less thing for you to worry about.

One Basic Package

We already offer a basic package that covers most of your needs as a small company.

No Sudden Surprises

We love transparency and simply good prices without complicated negotiation.

Crypto Friendly

Our accountants and auditors know how to handle crypto wallets and stay on their chairs at their mere mention.

Modular Scope Extensions

We compare and combine additional packages to suit your needs and as cost-effective as possible.

English First

All the communication with assigned accountants and auditors is in English.

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